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PET CARDIOLOGY INC (a division of Cardiopaws)
3835 Park Drive
El Dorado Hills, CA  95762

El Dorado Hills, CA -- March 23, 2020- 


As you are aware, the COVID-19 outbreak has substantially impacted the veterinary world. With so many businesses closing down and  people loosing work by being told to stay home, finances are at best strained. Yet, our pets are still in need of the same care that they required before the outbreak, they are still getting sick and need help.

As a Veterinarian, regardless of whether you are mobile, in private or group practice, we are sure you have had to modify your  way of doing business to help protect not just your employees but also the public that needs to have their pets taken care of in the midst of this healthcare crisis. Your goal, no doubt, is to minimize the spread of the virus while trying to stay open to care for patients that are in need of your care and expertise.

Our company has had to do our own workplace modifications and although we can't do much to help, we at least can try to relieve some of the financial burden from the costs of the tests that we offer. 

For the next 2 months (longer if needed) we are reducing our fee by 50% for Holter monitoring and cardiac event monitoring (TTM). 

Just so you know, all of our equipment is individually cleaned and disinfected before being sent out,  utilizing guidelines set forth by the CDC and EPA. We also use plastic mailers to help reduce contamination that can linger on paper or cardboard mailers.

Please contact us if we can be of any assistance or if you have any questions.

Sara Rosenberg
COO  Pet Cardiology

Venice, CA -- November 28, 2018
- The Department of Research and Development announces the soon to be released world’s first “Remotely Activated” veterinary cardiac event recorder. Traditional event recorders have been manufactured for humans only, requiring manual activation of the device, creating problems when trying to adapt to the veterinary field. Veterinarians and animal health care professionals are now able to monitor animal ECG during normal activity, at a range of over 50 feet, even while caged. This new compact device (size of a pager) and its “key chain” activator can be used on any size animal including horses for the recording of symptomatic cardiac events.

Pet Cardiology/CardioPaws, has been servicing the veterinary and animal breeder industry for over 20 years by providing 24 hr Holter and weekly assisted cardiac event monitoring.  There is also an optional consultation with diagnosis and treatment plan (additional fee of $85.00) by our cardiologist.

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World's first remotely activated cardiac event recorder!