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CardioPaws - Extend The Life Of Your Pet

Extend The Life Of Your Pet

Veterinary Cardiac Monitoring

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There are several methods of veterinary monitoring available for a variety of indications.
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CardioPaws - A Division of Pet Cardiology

Welcome to CardioPaws, a division of Pet Cardiology

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak restrictions, our company hours may change.


As you are aware, the COVID-19 outbreak has substantially impacted the veterinary world. With so many businesses closing down and people loosing work by being told to stay home, finances are at best strained. Yet, our pets are still in need of the same care that they required before the outbreak, they are still getting sick and need help.

As a Veterinarian, regardless of whether you are mobile, in private or group practice, we are sure you have had to modify your  way of doing business to help protect not just your employees but also the public that needs to have their pets taken care of in the midst of this healthcare crisis.  Your goal, no doubt, is to minimize the spread of the virus while trying to stay open to care for patients that are in need of your care and expertise.

Our company has had to do our own workplace modifications and although we can't do much to help, we at least can try to relieve some of the financial burden from the costs of the tests that we offer for first time users.  As of March 2020, in response to the pandemic, we have reduced our fee for Holter monitoring and Event monitoring for all  new customers to a rate of $135.00/ 24 hour Holter test and $175.00/test for weekly Event Monitoring.

 Also, as is customary for all our customers, if you need to re-Holter your patient/pet within a 6 month period, the cost is $135.00.

To receive this special discount, please mention that you saw it advertised on our website!

Just so you know, all of our equipment is individually cleaned and disinfected before being sent out, utilizing guidelines set forth by the CDC and EPA. We also use plastic mailers to help reduce contamination that can linger on paper or cardboard mailers.


Please contact us if we can be of any assistance or if you have any questions.

Sara Rosenberg, CVT, CST
Account Manager

Holter & Cardiac Event Monitoring for Veterinarians and Breeders

We have over 4,000 veterinarian, breeder and animal research clients, and are the largest, most respected company in the field of animal Holter and cardiac event monitoring.

Thank you for your interest in the CardioPaws/Pet Cardiology cardiac monitoring service. We provide "state-of-the-art" monitoring devices for 24/48  hour Holter Monitoring, and attended Event Recorder Monitoring 5:00am - 5:00pm M-F (pacific time)  to assist in detecting potential pet health problems. With over 20 years of cardiac experience and a reputation for accuracy, we are trusted by veterinarians, veterinary cardiologists, and breeders across the country.

- Most results within 24 hours or less, pacemaker studies take longer
- ECG results scanned directly to you
- With PetCardiology you can add a "Virtual Cardiology Department" to your practice

CardioPaws/PetCardiology has surpassed competitors by focusing on providing our clients with the best that technology has to offer, and by refusing to surrender to the "big corporate" structure and mentality that is so prevalent with today’s services.

Your needs are important to us and we will structure a service designed around your busy practice...not ours.

CardioPaws will never "autoscan" a Holter. Auto scanning (which some companies rely on simply because it's cheaper than having to hire a trained professional to interpret the ECG data) relies on a computers algorithms to make decisions on how beats are determined. It takes human intervention to accurately diagnose even the smallest abnormalities. This is especially true when analyzing patients with pacemakers.  You may pay a company  less for the results but, you get what you pay for.

All Holters are scanned using high-end Holter scanning computers which contain superimposition software, This is the most accurate method for analyzing Holters but also the most expensive. We will include a 24 hour full disclosure which often isn't provided or is provided for an additional fee.

For multiple studies, if the Holter is repeated within 6 months, we offer a 50% discount.

We also discount for special studies and for projects involving grants.

We use Del Mar, Spacelabs and Biomedical software. Over the years we have used some of this software  for multiple Holter studies which we were contracted to analyze such as for the National Institute of Health you know the equipment we have needs to be completely accurate, test after test.

Pet Cardiology Kit

You are looking at one style of Event Monitor that we carry.  This one is a prototype we are working on that will record the event remotely