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Extend The Life Of Your Pet

Veterinary Cardiac Monitoring

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There are several methods of veterinary monitoring available for a variety of indications.
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Cardiac Monitoring Indications due to Pet Symptoms

If your patient exhibits any of the following symptoms or behaviors, a cardiac monitoring device may be indicated:

  1. Collapsing or staggering (especially after exertion)
  2. Abnormal coughing (not associated with eating or drinking)
  3. Unusual fatigue
  4. Abnormal decrease in activity
  5. Pale gums

For transient symptoms not occurring on a daily basis, an Event Recorder may yield more information as it is worn for up to one week or longer if needed.  Once the owner notices a symptom, they simply press the record button.  Once the monitor is full, they call us at our monitoring center and will be asked to playback the recordings they made.  We will be able to visualize your patients ECG on our computers instantly and will be able to inform you right away if the results are abnormal.  If you are  unavailable, we will direct them according to your instructions.

If you are starting a patient on a new medication or changing one, a Holter Monitor may be better suited for documenting symptomatic changes and drug efficacies.

There are many other indications not listed here.  Many veterinarians use Event Recorders and Holter Monitoring to “Rule Out” potentially fatal arrhythmia's and cardiac conduction defects.