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World's first remote device

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CardioPaws - Extend The Life Of Your Pet

Extend The Life Of Your Pet

Veterinary Cardiac Monitoring

Cat with Cardiac Monitor Hooked Up

There are several methods of veterinary monitoring available for a variety of indications.
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Online ECG Monitoring

Welcome to PetCardiology

Cardiac Event Monitoring for Veterinarians and Breeders

We have over 4,000 veterinarian, breeder and animal research clients, and are the largest, most respected company in the field of animal holter and cardiac event monitoring.

Thank you for your interest in the PetCardiology cardiac monitoring service. We provide "state-of-the-art" monitoring devices for 24 hour Holter Monitoring, and 24/7 attended Event Recorder Monitoring to assist in detecting potential pet health problems. With over 20 years of cardiac experience and a reputation for accuracy, we are trusted by veterinarians, veterinarian cardiologists, and breeders across the country.

- Most results within 24 hours or less
- ECG results available online 24/7
- With PetCardiology you can add a "Virtual Cardiology Department" to your practice

PetCardiology, Inc has surpassed competitors by focusing on providing our clients with the best that technology has to offer, and by refusing to surrender to the "big corporate" structure and mentality that is so prevalent with today’s services. PetCardiology will never "autoscan" a Holter. All Holters are scanned using superimposition which is the most accurate method for analyzing Holters.

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